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“Scott Petersen’s documentary winningly tells the tale of MacCallum’s unlikely odyssey as an arts promoter, and the film also provides a fascinating portrait of Quezada’s equally unlikely rise to prominence. The footage capturing the creation of Quezada’s painstakingly precise designs is wonderful, and MacCallum and Quezada’s accounts are compelling. The Renaissance of Mata Ortiz offers a fascinating look at contemporary Mexican art and culture.”

Video Librarian

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The Renaissance of Mata Ortiz is a fascinating film that tells the tale of how two very different individuals came together and started an artistic movement that saved an entire community. Recommended.

EMRO (Educational Media Reviews Online)

“Scott Petersen’s The Renaissance of Mata Ortiz captures the essence of the Mata Ortiz ceramic art phenomenon by telling the story from its origins to the present with thoughtful commentary and beautiful photography.”

Walter Parks
“The Miracle of Mata Ortiz”

“From a dusty desert village in northern Chihuahua comes a story that you just can't make up. Director Scott Petersen's powerful storytelling in The Renaissance of Mata Ortiz makes this cross-cultural documentary a hidden gem that goes beyond the subject of Mexican pottery.”

Nancy Flores
Austin American-Statesman

The Renaissance of Mata Ortiz introduced me to the finest art and people of Mata Ortiz. This documentary assures me of critical issues I often think about as a ceramic artist. Regardless of where you live, we the people who work in clay share common passion, and desire to touch and manipulate clay to create things of beauty. The quality of potteries shown in this film is no doubt the world class. The village of Mata Ortiz is definitely in my list of ‘must visit’ in the near future. I am certain this documentary will excite and inspire my students at Minnesota State University.  The film will be the 'fuel for the creativity' for beginning and advanced level student artists as well as professionals in the field.”

Mika Negishi Laidlaw
Ceramic Artist
Assoc. Professor of Art-Ceramics
Minnesota State University-Mankato

“Petersen subtly tempers the romance of narrative and scenery with a quiet question about economic progress, contemporary ideals and the importance of modern savvy; leaving the audience amazed at the miracle of a vision realized, but circumspect of rapid transition.”

Jill Foote-Hutton
Gallery Coordinator
Red Lodge Clay Center
Red Lodge, Montana

“Scott Petersen’s new film brings a quirky charm and resonance to the growing field of Mata Ortiz commentary and documentation. As such, Petersen’s film is a must see for anyone interested in the story of Mata Ortiz and/or traditional approaches to pottery. Well-paced, the movie never drags and provides a lot meat for a short entrée.”

Marko Fields
Resident Artist
Concordia University
St. Paul, Minnesota

"A compelling account of the accidental intersection of a cultural heritage and an entrepreneurial perseverance that brought a better life to a downtrodden community and considerable enjoyment to the larger public.  The DVD would be of interest to business school students and faculty members as well as to social scientists, and a worthwhile addition to library collections."

Allen Sanderson
University of Chicago
Department of Economics

“remarkable, lively and fascinating”

Michigan Today